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By: captainfan | June 27, 2018

New Test Machine XRF Spectrometer in the laboratory now.

We own this inspect machine, we can inspect our materials ABS, FR ABS or AS, PP etc, ten minutes later, we can learn if the materials can meet the demands of ROHS, and how many Cd, Pb, Hg, CrVL and PBBs.

Little time and little cost and immediate inspect.

By the way, this XRF Spectrometer can tell us if your necklace or ring is true or not. you can have a try, free charge.

ROHS Tester

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By: captainfan | April 25, 2018

Materials Test

We all know: quality materials can make out quality products.

Materials are key to quality of battery containers. To assure best lead acid cell boxes, some important test machines are in our company to keep good material in our warehouse.

Now we have melt mass flow rate tester, veka thermal deformation tester,horizontal vertical flame tester etc

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