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By: captainfan | November 29, 2018

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By: captainfan | October 10, 2016

OPzS Battery Container Storage

With the scales of company stronger recent years, more employ, more injection machine, more products items, more and more all.....


For the limitation of the factory, there is no more space to take. The warehouse is scheduled to arrange to be reorganizing so that look like clean and orderly. Most import is more space to need and can be get.


Everyday every change, just our company to make better lead acid battery container, you are welcome with your comments.

By: captainfan | March 30, 2016

 Two Injection Machines Need to Buy Just to Meet The Heavy Orders


Since three years, we are so busy every month every year, production volume and sales capacity more and more bigger, more import is production worker have better salary although a little tired.


To meet the demands of marketing(OPzS OPzV lead acid battery container, 12V GFM Cell box and triple toothbrush), now we will want to buy new injection machines from Haitian, from which all our injection machines (Total 28 sets). If so maybe we can improve production output then meet the requirements of heavy orders. There are a lot of orders are in hand then finish some days later.


If we get them then the delivery time can be earlier, now say sorry to you if we don’t meet your delivery...

Category: News 

Tags: opzv