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By: captainfan | July 24, 2019

With the scale of production, now we can manufacture battery containers:  OPZS/OPZV, GFM, AGM, Front access terminal, High temperature, Deep cycle ,High power lead acid battery boxes, we need more and more space to finish the activity.

To reach our goal, we now are busy to build new workshop then the scale will be more one of third  and nearly 1/3 production activity increasing.

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By: captainfan | May 28, 2019


As company plan and production capacity requirement, the company will be expanded to bigger and stronger both space and productive power.


Always in heavy orders most of time, to solve this matter and deliver on time or earlier, more 10 sets of injection plastic machine will be purchased soon the produce workshop also have more space.


New company will be appeared soon! Delivery time more shorter.

By: captainfan | April 27, 2019

Looking carefully sales recorder then find some business is more and more bigger, some business more smaller, some only one time.

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By: captainfan | October 30, 2017

Invitation Letter

We have done business (OPZS Battery Container) a lot of times from small quantity then bigger and bigger. The business between us is more and more bigger. For future bigger business we need to have a commercial meeting.


We are all looking forward to meeting togetheri soon.

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By: captainfan | September 04, 2017

Recently there are changes happen in our company.

To have more space to keep the production going on, we take advantage of free space and give them a roof then getting more space.

One side is for shipment of OPZV OPZS Battery Boxes and another side is warehouse of varies of all materials. The car is in the middle then up battery containers and down materials.

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By: captainfan | October 10, 2016

OPzS Battery Container Storage

With the scales of company stronger recent years, more employ, more injection machine, more products items, more and more all.....


For the limitation of the factory, there is no more space to take. The warehouse is scheduled to arrange to be reorganizing so that look like clean and orderly. Most import is more space to need and can be get.


Everyday every change, just our company to make better lead acid battery container, you are welcome with your comments.

By: captainfan | July 28, 2016

16 OPzS Battery boxes regular order coming, each month will place, especially this type very popular

16 OPZS Battery container

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By: captainfan | May 16, 2016

OPzS Battery Container Urgently Needs 


Review this cooperation: we have sent PI to customer for days. But on the May 12, 2016 they suddenly want to get the OPZS boxes at the end of this month in their factory. Shipment day in the sea need 16days, even today we manufacture for them,it is very hard to meet their demands.


Contacted with forwarder then customer several times then a fastest vessel and reach their factory on Jun 03. After that we stop other then make it first because they regularly purchase, we need to keep the delivery time for our loyal customer.


Sunday we loaded into 40’ container then ningbo seaport, today all procedures are finished but we just get their LC Copy then busy to make documents as per LC.


Working Hard, Try to Mee...

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By: captainfan | March 18, 2016


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By: captainfan | April 28, 2014

Today our closed customer place another order with us,

this is two times during this month.

The customer is bigger one in Brazil, they have good fame

and regularly purchase our OPZS or OPZV Series battery

container. For OPzV battery box, they alway require ABS FRAME

materials. The biggest quantity they imported is 3 high container

of cell box and materials. They need to import one time each

month from our company.













Hope the business between the two company will be stronger and stronger.