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By: captainfan | October 10, 2016

OPzS Battery Container Storage

With the scales of company stronger recent years, more employ, more injection machine, more products items, more and more all.....


For the limitation of the factory, there is no more space to take. The warehouse is scheduled to arrange to be reorganizing so that look like clean and orderly. Most import is more space to need and can be get.


Everyday every change, just our company to make better lead acid battery container, you are welcome with your comments.

By: captainfan | October 03, 2016

Recently small order coming one after one, 1. 60 unit of battery vent plug; 2. 100 unit of 12 OPZS 1200AH OPzS Battery cases; 3. 30 sets of OPzS 600AH and OPzS 1000AH each, must try to meet your demands; 30 sets of OPzV 200AH FR materials dark gray color+28 OPzv 300ah with vent plug...... one by one, so many small order. We try to satisfied with your esteem clients because we do business based on win-win.

opzs cell boxes