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By: captainfan | July 14, 2020

Anti-Fire Precaution
There are fire accidents happened some times every year,there will be a lot of lost of property,money or human life.
Today we call on some of our staff to exercise how to escape from the Fire on site, how to use fire extinguisher. #antifire #escape  #fire extinguisher

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By: captainfan | January 01, 2020

Happy New Year

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By: captainfan | December 26, 2019

Merry Christmas

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By: captainfan | December 24, 2019

The connection between the container and lid is very important, good sealing way can be avoid leaking and have the lead acid battery more long life.

At present the materials made battery boxes are mainly PP and ABS, Rubber is rarely to be used. For pp plastic material, generally adapt Heating Seal method to connect the lid and battery cases; ABS materials have two sealed ways: heating and epoxy resin sealed.


For two connect ways, which one is the better for lead acid batteries?


The answer is different for different lead acid battery plant or there are thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.

For small battery factory,  they like epoxy resin sealed way. They intend to process cost: Sealing cases and cover only need not...

By: captainfan | December 09, 2019

Biggest festival is coming--the most important Spring Festival to each Chinese.

We are here to thanks all supports from your customers both closed or just discussing terms in 2019 year and hope to boom our business relationship in new 2020.

Please contact us if your order in hand and want to get materials before our New Year!

spring festival

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By: captainfan | October 30, 2019

Shipments to Bangladesh
16 OPZS 2000AH+ 10 OPZS 1000AH into 40HQ container

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By: captainfan | August 21, 2019

Excellent Quality Awards
Outstanding Contribution Award

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By: captainfan | July 24, 2019

With the scale of production, now we can manufacture battery containers:  OPZS/OPZV, GFM, AGM, Front access terminal, High temperature, Deep cycle ,High power lead acid battery boxes, we need more and more space to finish the activity.

To reach our goal, we now are busy to build new workshop then the scale will be more one of third  and nearly 1/3 production activity increasing.

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By: captainfan | May 28, 2019


As company plan and production capacity requirement, the company will be expanded to bigger and stronger both space and productive power.


Always in heavy orders most of time, to solve this matter and deliver on time or earlier, more 10 sets of injection plastic machine will be purchased soon the produce workshop also have more space.


New company will be appeared soon! Delivery time more shorter.

By: captainfan | May 17, 2019

2V2100AH battery cases

This is first time to make battery container in Nature color, not gray, black, yellow, red  etc.

It is hard to make it in injection process.  Spot, flash defects are coming more time than regular color, but the market once need, will try to meet demands of the market. 

By: captainfan | April 27, 2019

Looking carefully sales recorder then find some business is more and more bigger, some business more smaller, some only one time.

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By: captainfan | March 29, 2019

Recently busying to welcom WCA audit, at last high score coming 


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By: captainfan | January 04, 2019

Chinese New Year

By: captainfan | November 29, 2018

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By: captainfan | August 16, 2018


Regular orders because good quality

The clients every year purchase same battery containers, same quantity, they have good market share in their country.

We have closed some times for this business, and we trust we will together fornever!

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By: captainfan | July 16, 2018

box 8 opzv 800ah battery box

The client is bigger share company and regular order.

This order  Total 2650 sets (800 sets+260 sets+242 sets+1348 sets), placed within one week.

Later, we will cooperate together by OPZS, GFM and terminal access series.

By: captainfan | June 27, 2018

New Test Machine XRF Spectrometer in the laboratory now.

We own this inspect machine, we can inspect our materials ABS, FR ABS or AS, PP etc, ten minutes later, we can learn if the materials can meet the demands of ROHS, and how many Cd, Pb, Hg, CrVL and PBBs.

Little time and little cost and immediate inspect.

By the way, this XRF Spectrometer can tell us if your necklace or ring is true or not. you can have a try, free charge.

ROHS Tester

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By: captainfan | June 23, 2018

OPZS Battery Container

Days passed, one 20 foot container of OPZS battery cases finished and loaded into container. 10 days after, they will reach India Port: Nhava Sheva.  

Again one order is finished for regular customer.